Portable Tabletop Music Stand

Tabletop Music StandWe’re very excited to announce that we are now selling these well built portable tabletop music stands to hold your pipe chime song books.  They are great when you’re playing as a group and even better when you lay your chimes down like a xylophone.  They will fit your song book open in the landscape position perfectly.  This music stand even comes with a carry case and collapses making it small and very portable.


IMPORTANT :  While everything we sell is handmade or very heavily personalized by us, these tabletop music stands are not made by us.  We have purchased them straight from the distributor and are passing the savings on to you.  Because of this, we can’t sell them on our Etsy shopThe only way to purchase them is through our custom orders form or our Square Shop.

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Portable Tabletop Music Stand

Portable Tabletop Music Stand Back

Portable Tabletop Music Stand Closed

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